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Dragon Transformation pt 14 by clashmecha Dragon Transformation pt 14 by clashmecha
Here we go again, hope you all enjoy.


Dragon Transformation part 14

I stirred in my sleep as I heard voices, one was the cat Darius and the other was the dragon Dalgyon.
I opened my eyes. At first my eyes were blurry but they began to focus and I heard Darius talking.

“Why did Trask… I mean Tavorth” Began Darius “why did he refer to himself as Traegard when Virgil showed up?” he asked, I was curious about this too and I listened carefully.
"It's complicated..." replied Dalgyon sighing "about fifteen years ago, a group of humans calling themselves ‘the slayers’ captured Tavorth and tortured him…among other things" Dalgyon paused a moment and I raised my head slightly to look toward them.
I was no longer in the Aircraft hanger. I was in some kind of prison cell with a huge ten foot entrance. I was lying, curled up much like a snake on a makeshift bed made from two mattresses and Dalgyon was sitting against an adjacent wall tending to the wound I had inflicted on him. Meanwhile Darius was sitting on the floor in front of him.
Neither of them had noticed I was awake yet and I decided to simply remain quiet and listen.
"Tavorth was left badly scarred, both physically and mentally. It was so bad that his hatred for humans created another personality"
I was starting to feel dizzy again and I wanted to go back to sleep. But I was determined to hear what they were talking about.
“Needless to say when he was finally rescued he was in horrible shape. Did you notice how old he looked?” Dalgyon asked.
“Yeah, he did seem a little aged” replied Darius “How old is he?”
“By human years… he’s three hundred and twenty years old” Darius gasped at this and I almost gasped too.
“Three hundred…” he stuttered “how long do dragons live!?” Darius asked astonished.
“Well I’m not certain…never mind that, the point is that there are dragons that are almost two hundred years older than him and they don’t look old” Dalgyon explained and Darius looked at him confused.
“Why is that?” asked Darius.
“While captured, the slayers used him for a radical experiment. They replaced his blood with human blood” Dalgyon paused a moment looking grim.
“The human blood caused him to age rapidly over the next few years, and his size did not change. He had inherited, in a sense, human mortality”
“Dragons don’t grow old. We simply grow larger with each passing century”
“I see…” said Darius fascinated.
“But what did they do with Tavorth’s blood… after…they…removed”
I was starting to lose consciousness again, their words were fading and I finally fell back to sleep.

As I slept my dreams were filled with memories of the past.
I never spoke much, I guess I just didn’t know what to say or I didn’t have anything worth saying.
The caretakers of the orphanage continuously tried to make me talk properly but I still remained silent.
“Come on Jack, just tell me what’s on your mind?” asked the teacher but I just stared at the floor and said nothing.
I was sitting back in the classroom, just the teacher, and me. She always tried to get me to talk to her.
“Jack, it’s not normal for a boy of eight to not speak. You need to…” suddenly Virgil came in smiling at me.
“There you are. I’ve been looking for you Jack” I smiled and made to leave with Virgil but the teacher grabbed my arm and stopped me from leaving.
“Jack, we are not finished yet” she insisted but then Virgil spoke up.
“What’s the matter Miss?” he asked.
“I’m trying to show Jack how to speak properly, and I’m not letting him leave until he says at least a full sentence” she replied.
“But why?” Virgil asked.
“It is not normal for a child his age to be so… untalkative” she said
“So what, he can be like this if he wants to be. You can’t force him!” he argued.
“Virgil you are stepping out of line!” she said sternly but Virgil didn’t stop.
“I don’t care. You can’t force your idea of ‘normal behavior’ on him, if he doesn’t want to talk than just leave him alone!” he said angrily
“That is enough!” the teacher yelled.
“That IS enough Miss Blain” said the head of the orphanage as he walked in the classroom.
He was an old man with short gray hair and a bushy mustache.
“Mr Graham, I was simply trying to…”
“Miss Blain!” he said sternly and she went silent.
“I’m afraid the young man is correct, Jack will talk in time so just leave him be” Mr Graham turned to me and Virgil and smiled.
“Go on you two” he smiled and with that we left the classroom and Virgil spoke up.
“I thought she’d never let you out, now what do you want do?” he asked and I simply stood there waiting.
“Hmmm, how about the game room, I still owe you a battle on virtual fighters” He asked and I nodded.
“Great lets go before someone else books it” Virgil made to break into a run but I grabbed his arm and stopped him.
“Huh, what’s the matter?” he asked.
“…Thanks… for standing up for me” I said quietly and Virgil smiled ear to ear.
“Hey no problem” he said happily and then he threw an arm over my shoulder.
“Now let’s get going, I still need to kick your butt on VF”

I opened my eyes; I was back in the cell feeling a little groggy.
Darius and Dalgyon were gone and I was now alone in the cell.
I laid there thinking about that memory. Virgil had always been so brave and confidant, I never understood why nothing seemed to scare him.
Even bullies never got to him, and even though most of them were older and bigger, Virgil always managed to win in a fight.
Now that I thought about it, he always seemed to be faster and stronger than the other kids, not to mention smarter.

I raised my head as my stomach growled, I was starving so much that my stomach hurt.
That's when I noticed a small metal supply box sitting next to the bed. I reached over and opened it.
Inside I found it was full of foil wrapped packs and I realized what they were.
Field rations, I had a feeling that they were not very tasty but I was too hungry to care.
I immediately tore open one of the rations and barely even chewed as I ate it.
To my surprise I discovered I liked field rations, I quickly tore through nearly twenty-five packs before I had had my fill.
I licked my lips and sighed contently, I hadn't realized how hungry I really was but I certainly felt better for that meal.
It was then that I noticed a note written in large writing next to the box, it read-

Jack, I'm taking Dalgyon to the facility’s communications tower.
Dalgyon says we need backup and I have to agree.
We have locked you in this room for your protection, we will be back shortly so please rest and wait till we get back.


Locked in? I figured this was for the best and I decided to lie back down on the bed.
It felt weird climbing back onto the mattresses, curling my body around and resting my head on my own back, but I found it very comfortable.
This was the first time I had had the chance to take in what I had become.
My body was long and slender; my hair had become a mane of black that spread all the way down my back and to the tip of my new tail.
I didn’t know what to think about my new appearance, I never really cared how I looked and right now I had other more pressing things on my mind.

I thought back to when this whole ordeal began.
I was having trouble sleeping one night back at the orphanage. I got out of bed and went outside for a walk. Sneaking out was never very difficult. I was quite good at getting around without making any noise.
I liked taking a stroll outside at night, especially when I couldn’t sleep.
That night however, I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see.
A white van was parked up in front of the orphanage. I hid behind a bush and peeked through the leaves.
One man was minding the van while another two went inside. I waited and then the two came back out carrying something.
They were carrying one of the other kids. It was a boy called Simon and he was unconscious.
I knew something was wrong, I turned to leave but I accidentally stepped on a twig.
All three of the men looked around and spotted me. I ran.
I didn’t get far however. I was tackled to the ground and then they injected me with something that made me fall asleep.

I cringed as I tried to remember everything that had happened since then.
An image on being tied to a medical bed came into my mind and then a bright flash of light.
I remembered waking up inside some kind of glass chamber, floating in a strange green liquid with a breathing mask over my face.
Outside I could see a few scientists working on computers, I began to panic and pounded on the glass and it cracked.
At this point my memory was blurred but I could hear one of the scientists yelling-
“The control parasite hasn’t bonded with him yet, he’s out of control!!” I blacked out for about two minutes. When I became aware of myself again I shrieked in terror.
The scientists and the guards who were in the room with me, they were all dead.
I knew I had done this. My body had changed, I was covered with orange red scales and my hands had become cloven with sharp claws.
I didn’t want to believe what was happening, I made to run out of the bloody room but something caught my attention, a second glass chamber.

I took a closer look and could see a strange black blob floating inside, and it was slowly getting bigger.
I reached out to touch the glass but then I heard something behind me. It was Trask, although I didn’t know that at the time.
He looked at me with a blank expression and then looked at the mangled bodies around the room.
“Idiots!” he said suddenly “I told them to keep you heavily sedated while they attached the control parasite”
I looked at him confused and he noticed this.
“This was not your fault boy, they made a mistake and have paid dearly for it. If one is still conscious while the parasite is still attaching itself it causes the subject to loose control and become nothing more than a mindless beast temporarily” he explained, but it didn’t make me feel any better about what I had unintentionally done.
“However I don’t have time for this, I require your new abilities” he then pulled up one of his sleeves, revealed a strange bracelet and pressed something on it.
After that I lost control of my body but I could still see everything Trask was making me do.

I examined my claws and remembered about my unusual ability.
I held my right hand up and tried to make my claws extend. But nothing happened.
I tried a few more times before giving up, I didn’t know why I couldn’t do it any more but I didn’t mind too much.
I laid there for a time but then suddenly I heard a loud crash from nearby.

Shakily I got to my feet curving my body like an S. I ached all over and I guessed that was because of the fight between Virgil and me.
As I approached the door to the cell I found no means of opening it, no handle or control panel adorned it and I realized I would have to force it open.
I dug my claws into the metal door and began to forcefully slide it aside.
I was still feeling a little weak but with an effort of will I pushed hard and jammed the cell door open.
The door's mechanism shorted out and broke down as I forced it open and it remained jammed.
I exited the cell into a long corridor lined with other prison cells, I guessed I was in the prison wing of the facility but unfortunately I didn't know which part of the facility that was.

I held my head in my hands trying to remember. Everything since Trask took control of me was blurred and I was having a difficult time remembering it.
Again I heard another crash coming from down the corridor, I cautiously made my way toward where I had heard the noise and then I came upon a large hole in the concrete floor.
Strange black slime dripped from the edges of the hole. I didn’t want to find whatever made this hole and turned to leave. But then I heard a scream from down the hole.
I turned nervously and took a closer look down the hole. There was a dimly lit corridor below lined with cables and junction boxes.
Suddenly I heard a funny fizzing noise and watched as the black slime began to disintegrate leaving nothing but a small trace of black powder.
What was going on here? I heard the scream again and I cringed. I didn’t want to go down there, but I knew Virgil wouldn’t hesitate if it were him here instead of me.
So I steeled myself and crawled down the hole. I crawled through headfirst and slid down like a snake.

I placed my hands on the floor below and lowered my legs down making very little noise.
I looked around but there was no one there. I crawled along the corridor quietly moving along like a serpent and then I could hear a strange sound like someone drinking through a straw, only much louder.
I turned a corner and froze in terror at what I found.
A black snakelike creature covered in the same black slime I had seen before loomed over a lifeless body of one of the guards.
It had a dragons head, four blood red eyes and bone horns protruding from it’s head.
That’s when I remembered the black blob floating inside the chamber, this must be it.
I looked on as I realized what the sound I heard before was.

The monster’s long lance like tongue was embedded in the dead guard’s chest and it was sucking out his blood through it’s tongue.
The guard’s face and hands began to shrivel like a raison as his blood was drained from him and then something strange began to happen.
The creature began to grow slightly in size and then a row of four spikes began to push out of it’s back.
The slime on it’s face hardened while the rest of it’s body was still slimy.
The monster pulled it’s tongue out of the guard and let out a low growl. The creature had somehow grown a foot in height and grown a row of spikes on it’s back from draining that poor mans blood.

I made one step backwards to turn and leave and then the creature spotted me.
I stood completely still for a moment as it stared at me, but then it opened it’s mouth and it’s tongue shot out of it’s jaws and lunged at me.
I managed to duck just in time and avoided the attack. I didn’t waste any time turning and running as fast as I could.
I was amazed how fast I had become and after running continuously for a minute through the various corridors, I turned a corner and put my back to the wall waiting to see if the monster had managed to follow me.
About twenty seconds passed and then I could hear slimy coils moving along the floor, getting closer.
I peeked around the corner and I saw it, moving around the corner at the other end of the corridor.
I immediately pulled back around the corner and did my best to still my breathing.
It was getting closer. I didn’t understand how it was following me.
It was then that I could hear it sniffing loudly, it was following my scent!
I was panicking, it would turn this corner any second now and it would get me.
I thought about maybe attacking with fire, but I couldn’t remember how to do it.

Just as it was about to turn the corner I heard gunfire. Several bullets hit the monster in the back.
It turned around toward it’s attackers and I peeked around the corner to see what was happening.
Three guards had showed up at the other end of the corridor and were pointing their handguns at the monster.
I watched in fear as the holes in the monster’s slimy back closed and it slithered toward the guards.
They opened fire again but their bullets didn’t even slow it down. I didn’t stick around and I ran for it.

I could hear the screams of the guards and I stopped running. I didn’t want to, but I turned back and decided to try and help them.
I soon returned to the corridor and found two of the guards dead on the ground. They had been impaled through the neck and left on the ground; I guessed the creature would come back for them later.
At the end of the corridor I saw the monster closing in on the remaining guard who had backed into a wall.
The creature then opened it’s mouth, it’s tongue shot out and impaled in the guards right leg.
His legs became paralyzed and he fell to the floor terrified. The creature made to finish the man and I made my move.
I ripped a metal bar off a nearby railing and rammed it into the creature.

The bar pierced right through the monster and it roared in pain. I quickly grabbed the wounded man and carried him out of the way.
The monster bit down on the bar and pulled it out of it’s body. The hole closed but I had managed to hurt it as it was backing away from us.
Suddenly it spun around and rammed itself through a concrete wall and slithered away.
I didn’t want to wait around for it to come back so I ran for it with the injured man.
I picked up the pace at this point and then I came to a T-junction in the corridor.
“There’s…There’s a stairway… down the left passage” said the guard, he wasn’t looking good and I was afraid the monster might have hurt him worse than I thought.

I proceeded down the left way and found the stairs leading back up to the ground floor.
I reached a door at the top of the stairs and I yanked it open. I gasped as I came face to face with a dozen guards all pointing their guns at me.
At first I thought perhaps I should just rush them but then one of them spoke.
“Oh it’s him!” said the leader and they all lowered their guns. I sighed as I realized they must have thought I was still under Trask’s control.
“Here, we’ll take him” he said motioning for me to put down the guard I had rescued. Two of them took him off my hands and took him away.

“We’ll get him medical attention as soon as possible, by the way, if you’re looking for Trask, last I heard he was heading for the hanger” said the guard but I shook my head at him.
“No?” he said curious “then you must be looking for the boss” he said and I wondered whom he meant.
“He’s in lab number six on the west side of the facility. Now if you’ll excuse us we need to get down below and neutralize an escaped creature”
“No!” I shouted catching the guards by surprise.
“Umm…” I thought quickly and said, “Trask…New orders…umm…you all need to…evacuate!” I waited as the guards stared at me for a moment.
“Trask wants us to evacuate?” the leader finally replied and I nodded.
“The monster…is too strong…your…your guns don’t work on it!” I wasn’t used to talking like that but I managed to get my point over.
The leader thought about this a moment and then said “Very well, everyone follow me. We are getting out of here” the leader gave me a salute, and they all turned back and headed for the exit.

As soon as they were gone I let out a sigh of relief. What on earth was that thing back there?
It was draining all the fluids out of it’s victims and seemed to grow slightly each time.
I was glad I had managed to get the guards to leave. The last thing I needed was that monster catching them and most likely growing much larger in the process.

I was about to set off again when I remembered what the guard said.

“He’s in lab number six on the west side…”

I had an opportunity to find the one responsible for all this and I decided to go for it.
I just hoped I wouldn’t have to face that horrible creature again.

Thanks to my little trick on the guards I didn’t come across many of them as I made my way to the west side.

I soon reached a huge industrial door labeled Lab six, I had found it. I opened the door using a panel on the right and went inside.
I had entered into a very tall hallway lined with empty unused glass chambers like the one I had broken out of before.
The lab was deserted, I wondered if the ‘boss’ had left already.
At the very end of the hallway I spotted a chamber in use. I approached it and found a woman with purple hair restrained inside with wires attached to her neck and she was unconscious.

As I looked closer I noticed she was wearing a bracelet, a dragon bracelet.
“She must be… Shara!” I thought. I searched for a means to open the chamber but I couldn’t find anything.
I decided to simply break it open, so with a swift jab of my claws I smashed the glass and tore it open.
I reached in and pulled the wires off of her neck, as I did a small amount of blood dripped from them.
Those wires were draining her blood. I carefully lifted her out of the broken chamber and laid her down on the ground.
She began to stir and she opened her eyes.
“Ohh, who are… you’re Jack aren’t you?” she asked somewhat dazed and I nodded.
“Thank you for getting me out” she said gladly as she got to her feet. I watched as she tapped the runes on her bracelet and her whole body glowed brightly.
I covered my eyes until the light vanished and gasped at the large green dragon that now stood in front of me.
“Ah that’s better” she said contently “I got caught while still in my disguise, needless to say I’m quite vulnerable while using a human shape” she said looking slightly embarrassed that she had been caught.
I remembered about the wires, I tapped her arm to get her attention and I then pointed at the wires in the broken chamber.
“Oh I see” she said grimly “I was afraid of this, they’ve taken my blood to use with the serum” she guessed.

“Good guess… but not quite” said a voice from behind us. We both turned toward the entrance and a man wearing a gasmask and strange black armor stood in the entrance.
“Jack, stay behind me!” Shara exclaimed and I backed up a few steps confused.
“Heh still remember my voice do you?” said the man darkly.
“I should have known. We never did find your body” said Shara as she took a defensive posture.
“Did you honestly think I would be killed so easily” he laughed. Shara made to lunge at him but she suddenly collapsed to the floor breathing hard and holding herself up with her hands.
“I have drained a large portion of your blood, I imagine it’s left you quite weak and dizzy” he said amused.
“Argh… I’ll not let you… get away with this” she said determinably.
“Not this time, I’ve taken what I needed from you and after all this time I’ll finally kill you” the man stepped forward and I got between him and Shara.
“No… just get out of here Jack” she pleaded but I would not move.
“Are you certain you want to do this boy?” he asked
“Why…why have you done this!?” I yelled and he merely laughed.
“I am a Dragon Slayer!” he said proudly.
“You may be slightly enhanced but I have fought dragons hundreds of years older than you, and I…” he suddenly pulled out a strange gun out of his pocket. It had a syringe on the end and a capsule loaded into it and it was filled with red liquid.
“…am a lot stronger now than I was then!” without warning he plunged the needle into his neck and pulled the trigger.

To be continued
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By the way, what did the dragons ever do to cause humans to found the slayers? its really sad, the thought of such an amazing creature, killed just for its blood. );
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When will it be up!!!
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I am an Irish-man. "Where I goeth, goeth armed thugs and Homoside investagations." - dresdin files
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