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Dragon Transformation pt 13 by clashmecha Dragon Transformation pt 13 by clashmecha
Hope you all enjoy, this one is a little bit longer than the last one


Dragon Transformation part 13

I had forced my way in to the aircraft hanger and I felt as though I had walked into a steam room.
The Steam was fading away and I caught sight of three dragons, one was injured and laying on the ground. Another was standing over the injured dragon and I knew…that was Jack.
It felt strange to see him changed like this, to me he was always a quiet boy who barely spoke a word but now he had been changed and I had no idea what to expect.
My gaze moved to the largest of the three, this serpent dragon nearly towered over the other two and just from looking at him I knew he wasn’t an ally.

“Guess who” I grinned.
“Oh now this is brilliant” said the larger dragon maliciously.
My eyes went wide as he spoke and I knew that voice.
“Trask!?” I said confused.
“Surprised I’m sure, but my true name is Traegard!” he said holding his arm up showing his dragon bracelet.
“…all this time, you were a dragon!” I said furiously “Well…dragon or human I’m still going to make you pay for what you’ve done here!” I steeled myself for this, I’d been waiting for the opportunity to find this…Traegard and I didn’t care if he was a dragon, I wanted revenge.

“Oh I would love to indulge you” he said sarcastically “but I wouldn’t want to deprive Jack of being the one to fight you, he has been longing to see you again”
Jack took a stance toward me and I knew he was serious.
“Jack, you’ve got to listen to me!” I pleaded “Trask… I mean Traegard is just using you; you’ve got to resist him!”
I waited a moment to see Jack’s reaction but he just stood there, unfazed by my words and I knew that Traegard’s control over him was absolute.

“As you can see child” said Traegard “Jack is now my loyal servant” he laughed, I knew now that I had no choice, I was going to have to fight.
“Alright then, come on!!” I roared and then I charged toward them. Jack made to strike me but I leapt into the air and lunged over him toward Traegard.
Naturally Traegard didn’t see this coming and I landed a powerful kick to his face sending him crashing to the ground.
I landed next to the wounded dragon and readied myself for Jack’s inevitable counter attack.
Jack ran at me but I dodged him and caught him by his tail. I swung him around by his tail and then I let go sending him flying into a nearby wall.
I didn’t have much time, Traegard was already getting back to his feet and Jack was pulling himself out of the wall. I then quickly turned to the wounded dragon.

“Can you move?” I asked.
“I…ungh…I think so” he replied painfully “I just need a hand up”
I quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet, he was clearly having trouble standing but pulled himself together.
“Will you be alright getting to a safe distance on your own?” I said quickly.
“Yeah…I’ll be fine, I don’t like leaving this in the claws of a hatchling but I don’t have a choice” he said weakly and he slowly made his way toward the Hanger entrance while holding a claw over the wound in his torso.

Suddenly Jack ran and dove into me and we both hit the ground hard. I wrestled with him on the floor and then I managed to get my feet under him and pushed him off of me.
The dragon I had helped managed to get to the hanger entrance and leaned against the wall. He then slid to the floor at this point, leaning against the wall as he watched the fight.
“Clever move boy!” growled Traegard and he rubbed his exposed cheek. “Jack, continue your assault!” he commanded. I got back to my feet and Jack readied to attack again, but I noticed he was looking fatigued and breathing heavily.
‘Not long now’ I thought, Jack suddenly took an excessively deep breath and exhaled a ball of fire.
I managed to dodge it and it hit an adjacent wall. I was amazed at this, my fire breath always exhaled like a flamethrower while Jack was able to fire small concentrated blasts, I was curious if I could do that too.
Jack fired yet another blast at me, I ducked low to the ground avoiding it and then I darted toward him.

Jack was about to exhale another fire ball when I got in close and landed a punch to his chest, Jack was sent colliding into another wall and landed on the floor covered in rubble.
I walked up to him and pleaded with him to stop.
“Jack please, you’ve got to listen to me!” I edged closer to him but then he quickly jumped out of the rubble holding some kind of cable in his hand.
He rammed the cable into the side of my chest and a burning shocking pain flowed into me. Jack had used a power cable that had snapped out of the wall he had crashed into and pressed it into me.
I screamed in pain as I was being electrocuted and I acted quickly by knocking the cable out of his hand. I staggered backwards holding the burnt and smoking area of my torso that had been touched by the cable and I gasped at black and red mark that remained.
“Argh, damn that hurt!!” I grunted “ugh…lucky this didn’t happen while I was still transforming, who knows what that much energy would have done to me” I Said Joking, I was glad that I wasn’t seriously hurt, but I knew that if I had been human when that happened I would have been fried.

My chest hurt to the touch but I was alright, Jack however was ready to attack again and I was starting to think I would need to change my tactics.
“Excellent move Jack!” said Traegard proudly as he watched from the other end of the hanger. He apparently decided to sit back and watch us battle but I knew I had to keep my eyes on him, I doubted that he would just stay put if the fight tipped in my favour.
“Now finish this, but don’t wound him too badly. We need him alive after all”
Jack nodded to Traegard and then his claws extended. I wasn’t too surprised by this since I had examined the D-Series data which mentioned about mutations like this.
Jack charged at me, but what I did next was more instinct than impulse, I knelt down and with a strong push of my legs I jumped high into the air.
I then spread my wings and I couldn’t explain how I was doing it but I was flying.

It felt amazing to be flying under my own power and I began laughing, I loved it.
I held myself in midair with a rhythm of wing beats and looked down at Jack and Traegard below.
Jack was looking tired and furious but Traegard was looking oddly shocked and confused.
“Im...Impossible!?” Exclaimed Traegard “you…you can’t know how to fly!!” he yelled.
I grinned mischievously down at him and he growled.
“It take’s young hatchlings months to learn how to fly, what the hell are you!?” He growled in disbelief.
“You tell me” I replied darkly “You made me what I am”
“Jack!” he yelled suddenly “Shoot him down!”
Suddenly Jack began firing blasts at me which I veered away to avoid, he continued to fire at me hitting the hanger ceiling each time and leaving holes in it.
Moonlight poured in through the damaged ceiling and by the light’s intensity it must have been a full moon out.

Jack stopped his barrage of fire balls to rest a moment but I needed him to keep attacking.
“In one thing you haven’t changed Jack” I began “you still don’t talk much…and you need to work on your aim” I yelled down to him and he growled in anger.
“Come on Jack; see if you can hit me!” I taunted him and Jack let out an angry roar.
“Enough of this, time to make this more interesting” Said Traegard, I looked over to him and I spotted him placing a hand on a lever attached to the wall and then pulling it into an upward position.
The remaining lights in the hanger went out and the floor went black. Traegard I could still see on account of him being so big but Jack had vanished into the darkness below.
The holes that Jack had made in the ceiling were letting in beams of moonlight and these illuminated parts of the hanger. Jack however was hiding in the dark spots and my eyes had not adjusted to the dark yet.
I grinned as I had an idea; I then took a deep breath and exhaled fire.
My fire lit up the floor but I gasped as Jack was nowhere to be found. Only at the last moment did I realise that Jack had managed to climb up the wall behind me and just as I turned myself in the air Jack jumped off of the wall and launched himself toward me.
I curved my body just in time to dodge Jack’s claws by inches and he landed back down below.

At this point my eyes had adjusted enough and I could see below through the dark.
Infuriated that he missed me Jack continued to try and hit me with his fire blasts but finally he coughed only embers as his gas supply had just about run out.
He then fell to his knees in exhaustion and I hovered down and landed lightly next to him.
“Jack!” Traegard called out “what’s wrong with you, he’s right next to you!”
Jack weakly looked up at me but did not attack, and I knew why.
“You don’t get it do you?” I said looking over to Traegard “his transformation and the fight has depleted his body’s energy reserves, he hasn’t eaten anything since you changed him so there’s no way he can fight back now” as I explained this fact a look of realisation came onto Traegard’s face.
“Of course…“ he said “since his transformation he has had no sustenance” he repied seeing his mistake.
“Exactly, I collapsed shortly after my transformation completed but once I had nourished myself I was back on my feet” I said, I was keeping an eye on Jack as he continued to breathe deeply.
“You…you’ve been toying with us the whole time just waiting for Jack to wear himself out!!” said Traegard furiously
“Bingo!” I replied with satisfaction “It doesn‘t feel good when things don‘t go as you plan, does it!” I took a step toward Traegard and then he raised his arm with the dragon bracelet.

“Not so fast boy, you may be very clever but you’ve made a fatal mistake” He said maliciously and then he pressed one of the runes on his bracelet.
I took a defensive stance and waited a moment, but nothing happened. Traegard looked at me in confusion and pressed the rune again.
“What…why isn’t this working!?” he said frustrated and I finally realised.
“Oh I get now, you’re wondering why your little control implant you put in me isn’t working this time” Traegard looked at me in complete bemusement and I grinned at this.
“I found out about that from looking at your research data” I explained “and I knew you had put one of them into me when I remembered my fight with your overgrown spider”

“I lost control of myself and you made me tear that creature apart, but that little trick won’t work again… because I destroyed the implant” I said seriously and Traegard looked at me disbelievingly.
“That’s impossible!” he objected “The implant is a cybernetic parasite that latches onto the back of the throat and into the neck joints, and then it connects to the nervous system” “It is impossible to be forcibly removed without either killing or crippling the host!”
“You’re right, but I acquired this” I then pulled one of the scale plates one my right arm up. Then I pulled a small capsule out from under it and Traegard knew what it was.
“How did you get hold of that!?” he spat in surprise “only I and my assistant have access to the parasite vaccine!”
“Yeah, you’re assistant was very helpful once I’d persuaded him” I said remembering my reencounter with the blond haired scientist whom I had seen when I first woke up here. Before I reached the hanger I found him right where I left him, still tied up in my cell and I had forced him to help me.
Traegard was furious at this point, but then he grinned maliciously at me.
“Well done boy, but I won‘t let you use that” He said darkly and he looked over to Jack and spoke.
“Jack, take those razor sharp claws of yours and ram them into your neck!” he commanded. I gasped as Jack slowly made to pierce his neck with his own claws. I didn’t waste any time and before Jack could follow Traegard’s deadly command, I grabbed Jack by the back of his head and pushed him to the floor.

I quickly got on his back and held him down. I then I gripped one of Jack’s scale plates on his left arm and I pulled it up revealing the soft flesh beneath it.
It was impossible to push a needle through dragon scales but it was possible to inject the soft flesh beneath the scale plates.
With the capsule in my right hand I clicked a switch on it and a small needle protruded from it.
“NO!” Yelled Traegard and he made to attack.
I couldn’t let Jack go since he would kill himself if I did; my only choice was a fire breath attack.
I doubted that a flamethrower attack would stop him but if I could do a fire ball it might just be enough to knock him back.
I took a deep breath and held the fire back a little. But something was wrong, my throat felt tight as a great deal pressure built up and it felt very hot.

I opened my mouth and fired a bright green blast from my mouth that made me nearly fall backwards from the backlash. Traegard was hit in the chest and the blast exploded as it made contact.
I lost sight of Traegard as my attack left a cloud of smoke but I heard a loud crash and the falling of debris. My completely unexpected attack must have sent him flying across the hanger and into an adjacent wall.
I coughed as the feeling in my throat died back down and I guessed what had just happened.
I figured somehow I had expelled all of the gas in my third lung in one compressed blast. I knew this wasn’t normal; it had to be a mutation.
I didn’t have time to think about it, or how I just produced an attack with enough power to equal a jet missile.
I then quickly rammed the needle into the flesh under Jack’s scale plate and injected the vaccine.
Jack cringed at this and weakly tried to force me off of him, but he soon relaxed as the vaccine went to work.

I pulled the needle out and released Jack, he didn’t move for a moment but then he began to cough and gag.
I knew exactly what was happening to him since I too had gone though it. The parasite was beginning to dislodge from his nervous system and
I knew from my own experience that it was very painful.
Suddenly he threw up a small red blob and finally collapsed on the ground.
The parasite had a small odd looking microchip attached to it and several tendrils wiggled about as it lay there.
I then lifted my foot and crushed it was a loud squelch. With the parasite destroyed I knelt down and held Jack’s head up.
He blinked at me a few times looking dazed and then a tired smile appeared on his face.
“…Vee…” He said quietly and I smiled ear to ear.
“Jack, welcome back” I laughed slightly as tears formed around my eyes, I was so glad that he was okay.
“I’m so…” he began looking grief stricken as he looked at the electrical burn mark on my body, but I cut him off saying-
“It wasn’t your fault, I don’t blame you” I reassured him, the smoke had cleared had this point and Traegard was lying in a mountain of rubble made from a quarter of the building.

I couldn’t believe I had knocked him out with that attack, not to mention destroyed part of the hanger in the process.
Just then the lights came back on; I looked over to the light switch lever and saw Darius sitting on it.
“Darius!” I smiled, glad that he was okay too. Darius made his way over to us and then the wounded dragon did the same.
“That was amazing!” said Darius impressed.
“Where have you been?” I asked as I picked him up and put him on my right shoulder.
“I was laying low during the fight, although I had to avoid some falling debris here and there” he laughed.
“It is fortunate you came in time, I‘m in your debt” said the other dragon as I lifted Jack to his feet and held him up.
“Ah, Virgil this is Dalgyon, he was sent to rescue us” Darius pointed a paw at the other dragon. I then noticed that he had found a lab coat and made a makeshift bandage for his injury with it.
“Ironically it was you who ended up save me” said Dalgyon with an amused grin.
“Don’t mention it, I’m Virgil by the way” I replied, Jack however looked at Dalgyon with a very sorry expression on his face.
“It’s alright, I forgive you” said Dalgyon kindly.
At that moment I let out a big sigh, it was over. I had found Jack and Darius and we could finally escape this place.
“Okay now we need to get out of here” said Darius and he jumped down from my shoulder. I was so relieved that we were finally leaving but that I remembered something.
“Wait a minute” I said suddenly and everyone looked to me.
“You know Shara right?” I asked Dalgyon.
“Yes, I assume she found you earlier?” he replied and I nodded.
“Yes, so where is she?” I asked wondering why she wasn’t here yet “she made her way up here before I did”
“I don’t know, she should have made it here by now if that is the case” Dalgyon looked grim.
“Traegard!” I exclaimed. “He must have…” but then I spun round when I heard movement. I turned to the rubble where Treagard was supposed to be only to catch sight of his tail slither out through the hole in the wall.
“Traegard!” I roared. “Here look after Jack” I laid Jack back down on the floor and made to pursue Traegard, but then Dalgyon grabbed hold of my tail.
“Virgil my orders are to get you out safely, you don’t realise how important you are!” I ignored him and yanked my tail out of his grip and launched myself out of the aircraft hanger and into the night.
I was not about to let Traegard escape, I had a bad feeling that Shara may have been captured and I was going to catch Traegard and make him talk.

To be continued.

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