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April 11, 2010
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Dragon Transformation pt 11 by clashmecha Dragon Transformation pt 11 by clashmecha
Sorry for the delay everyone but here it is....

Part 11

I lay there on the sofa listening to the radio I had found, there were a lot of panicked transmissions coming from the ground floor and many of them mentioned an ice breathing monster.
I wondered what was going on up there and if Darius was alright, I slowly got up and found my strength restored. Now that I was feeling better I decided to go and find Jack and Darius, I knew that Shara told me to stay put but I had a feeling that Trask was expecting me to find somewhere to hide, I hoped I could take him by surprise and force him to tell me where to find Jack.

I headed for the door and took the radio with me, I peeked out into the corridor and found no one. With the coast clear I entered the corridor and quietly made my way along it.
I wasn’t sure where I was going; I just hoped I could find an elevator or a staircase so I could get to the ground floor. Suddenly I heard gunfire coming from nearby, I ran toward the noise and came to a door.

I leaned against the door and I could hear painful moans, I quickly assumed that someone had been shot and without a second thought I tore the door open with ease and quickly stepped through.

I entered into another corridor and found two men; one was a middle aged man with semi long brown hair and wearing a black suit. The other was clad in a black military uniform and was wearing a gasmask. The man on the ground had a gunshot wound to his right leg while the soldier stood over him with a pistol. The soldier then noticed me and pointed the gun at me. I thought at that moment I was going to die and I instinctively raised my arms protectively over myself and then I heard three gunshots.
I felt three impacts on my body but I barely felt them, I lowered my arms and watched as the bullets fell idly from my body and I couldn’t believe what had happened.

I’m..... Bullet proof!? I said unbelievingly, I looked back at the soldier who was now shaking in fear and I grinned darkly at him. I walked toward him and the soldier fired again, the bullets bounced off of my hide until the gun was empty and I stood over the terrified man who was still pulling the trigger of his empty gun.
With a shift blow to the head I sent the man careening across the corridor and into a wall, he landed on the floor and was knocked out. I then tore a part of a metal railing off of the wall and I bent it around the soldier to restrain him just incase he woke up.
I picked up his gun afterward and crushed it between my hands; I didn’t want it being used again and I certainly didn’t have a use for it.
With the soldier dealt with I turned my attention to the wounded man on the ground, he was breathing heavily and the bullet hole was in his lower right leg.
For a moment I felt as though I had seen this man before, he seemed so familiar to me but I shrugged it off as I noticed his bullet wound again.
I examined the wound and it didn’t look good, not to mention it made me very queasy just looking at it.

This looks bad, can you move? I asked and the old man looked weakly up at me.
“No..... I can’t stand......Who are you?” he asked painfully.
I’m not one of them, I’m one of their victims, I answered.
“Wait..... You’re Virgil aren’t you?” He said gladly, I didn’t find it very unusual that he knew my name at this point, I’m certain that everyone in this place must know about me by now.

So you know me? I asked and then looked at me in amazement.
“So that bastard actually did it, you are the first....the first human to be successfully transformed into an enhanced dragon”
Enhanced!? I exclaimed, this man seemed to know a great deal about this and I was getting concerned that he had been involved in what happened to my friends.
“You don’t know?” he answered “Trask.... that inhuman wretch isn’t just trying to create dragons, he’s trying to create a superior breed of dragons” he explained, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
How do you know all this, just who are you!? I yelled.
“My name is Palmer, Terrance Palmer” he began “I was in charge of this facility, originally Trask was under my command and this place was meant to be a research facility for new medicines ..... but Trask brought this man here under the guise of being an inspector, I thought nothing more of it at the time but he wasn’t what he claimed to be, I don’t know who he really is but he is the one holding Trask’s leash” he explained.
So what happened to all of your staff? I asked, although I had a fairly good idea.
“Trask used most of them as test subjects for perfecting a new serum that a fellow named Darius created, Darius like me was completely unaware of Trask’s true intentions, I imagine he’s dead now” Palmer paused a moment, he was clearly in a lot of pain and he was bleeding a lot.
Okay, I’m sure there’s a lot you can tell me but right now I need to control the bleeding, I said. I managed to find a first aid kit hanging on a nearby wall and I began to bandage his wound.
This should stop the bleeding; by the way Darius isn’t dead, I explained and Palmer looked surprised.
“He’s alive!?” he exclaimed. “I thought that Trask had disposed of all the people who had been turned into animals?” He said curious.
He got lucky, anyway I’ve gotta get you somewhere safe, I reached down to help him up but he pushed my hand away.
“There’s no time for that!” he said and then he reached into his pocket and pulled out an optic disc.
What’s that for? I asked.
“It’s all the data for the D-series project, I erased the original data and Trask doesn’t know yet, everything you need to know is on that optic disc” he Said holding the disc out to me.
Why… why are you doing this? I asked
“I should have stopped them when I had the chance, I owe you….. and all those who have died in this” He then handed the disc to me and his hand fell weakly to the floor.
I’m not gonna just leave you here; I’ve got to get you somewhere safe! I argued
“No…. Go on without me, I’d just slow you down” he said sternly.
I reluctantly nodded but then I had an idea, I tore another section of the metal railing off the wall and then bent one end of it to make a makeshift crutch.
Here you can use this to help you walk, I said and then I helped him up, I handed him the crutch and he held up just fine.
“Thank you, I’ll try and find somewhere to hide, see you later” with that he turned and slowed made his way up the corridor.
I left down the opposite way to find and elevator to the first floor but I was very curious about the optical disc, I wanted to find Jack but I needed to know the truth behind all this.
So I decided to find somewhere I could use the disc Palmer had given me and it didn’t take me long to find another computer room.
I came across a problem though, my new frame was somewhat difficult to negotiate though the smaller doors in this place, my wings were constantly getting caught in the outside of the door frames and it was getting frustrating.
I crawled into the computer room and I quickly removed any network cables and wireless devices from the computers so that no one would be able to download the information off of the optical disc while I was examining it.
I inserted the optical disc into the drive and I waited for it to load onto the screen, A diagram of a human to a dragon was in the research data, but I found a file marked dragon research, I began to read through the research files and I suspected that Trask much have stolen this from someone who knew about the existence of dragons.

One of the most interesting aspects of the dragon species is their ability to expel various blasts of matter from their mouths (fire or freezing gas for example)
But what really makes them so powerful is their own bodies, their muscle hardness is far greater than that of any other living creature and can withstand almost any impact.
Their scales are fire resistant and it would take some considerable force to pierce it, I have discovered that while dragons are very resilient to conventional weapons, they are vulnerable to their own kind’s claws or teeth.
You see, dragon claws, bone tissue and the scale plate armor that they have is almost as strong as diamond.
A number of years ago a group of humans calling themselves ‘The Slayers’ began raiding dragon graveyards to collect their remains and fashion weapons from their claws and their bones.
This of course made them a threat, and the dragons were forced to go into combat with them.
I am uncertain why the Slayers were founded or why they hated dragons so much but whatever the reasons are, it no longer matters.
The Slayers were defeated and no longer exist.

The Slayers? I wondered about that and then I opened Trask’s research entries and I began to see how little he valued human life.

D-Series project.
Using a specially created serum which we acquired from Darius Rian combined with the DNA of a dragon, it is possible to completely transform a human into a dragon.
However this project is not just to create dragons, it is a project to create a superior breed of dragons.

D-1: Our expectations for this one were high since we had perfected the serum using animal DNA on other test subjects, but our hopes were destroyed when D-1’s heart failed at about twenty five percent of the transformation and his body underwent massive disfiguring before the end, Thus it was a failure

D-2: having learned from the failure of D-1 we attempted to incorporate certain Strength increasing drugs to the serum, but the subject’s DNA would not accept the serum and again the transformation failed

D-3 D-4 and D-5: I’m growing impatient with these constant failures, but my master will not accept anything short of perfection, worst of all, the blue dragon DNA is almost gone thanks to Darius, I may have to use DNA from another source.
I have however come up with a theory to these failed attempts, perhaps the blood types have a factor in all this, the five previous subjects were all common blood types, and I will attempt to acquire a subject of a more rare type next.

D-6: I was right, the blood type is important. D-6 has responded to the serum with promising results but it appears that there have been some unexpected mutations, but they are beneficial changes however.
He now has the ability to extend his claws out and they are incredibly sharp, the implant I placed on him is also working perfectly, he is completely obedient. I don’t know if the mutations will continue and I can’t afford to leave him unchecked.
After all he is the only subject to survive so far.

D-7: is the final experiment, using all of the data we collected from the previous subjects I believe that we are ready, strangely my master ordered me to personally retrieve a specific boy and use the last of the Blue dragon DNA on him.
It is fortunate that this boy has rare blood but why would my master want this him and no one else, I examined his file and I must admit I didn’t expect to find such a high IQ, this child’s intelligence rivals my own.
Whoever this boy is, that is a secret known only to my master.

I had a very close call when I proceeded to collect to boy, I found him in the records room back at the orphanage, I can’t believe how close he had come to exposing our operation.
He had found out that the children we had taken were not adopted, if we had been any later he could have contacted the police and we would have been finished.
He is very clever indeed, he saw through our deception and we nearly paid the price for it.
Once the serum has been administered I will need to keep a close eye on him.

I felt very confused and sickened about all this, and who is this ‘Master’ that Trask kept mentioning.
I was closer to understanding the true motive behind all this, but I while I had a great deal explained, I had even more unanswered questions.
I examined the data from Trask’s experiments and I discovered that the formula for the Serum was here on the optical disc as well.
I realised at that moment that I had the only remaining copy of this data since Palmer had erased all the research data from the computers, I quickly ejected the disc and I held it in my hand ready to crush it.
But then something dawned on me, this data may be useful to me later, or at the very least I could use it as a bargaining chip should Trask get the upper hand.
I needed to get to the first floor and soon, it was time for Trask to answer a few questions, and for his sake, he had better be forthcoming.

To be continued
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Carter1215 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014
After rereading this I have developed a theory on who this head man is. But ill have to wait and see if it is true in future parts
DR4GON-DIGIMON Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Student Writer
Awesome. All I can say...
Recneps8 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013
is that salamance?
IonScribe Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You are an amazing writer but here is one thing you may want to revise to make the story better.

If Virgil already knew he is bulletproof, which we know because a guard said "...our guns are useless" over the radio to trask when they were fighting him in part 6, then why is virgil afraid that the bullet will hurt him in this part.
clashmecha Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
That was Dalgyon they were shooting at over the radio ^^;
IonScribe Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Never mind this comment. I was wrong.
jules2rule Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012   Artist
This story is just making me SQUEEEEE!!!! <3
UnknownLover101 Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Student Writer
These scientists in the stories are so stupid.
REASON!!!: You should know that if two different blodd types are mixed together, you wiln end up killing them. The blood from the dragon corpse from a previous chapter could of been the same blood type as Virgil's in a way (AB-), while Jack could either have the same, or a type (O+/-), which can take blood from any type, and give blood that will not kill another person of a different type.
SUMMARY!!!:The scientists should have hypothesised that the blood type of the dragon blood was different from the previous five tests.
Ergo, Stupid!

How was that fact?
smi018 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
How true. :|
UnknownLover101 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Writer
Looking back at the comment I made, I had so many mistakes in it, and how are you going with part 16? Just out of curiousity.
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