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December 4, 2008
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Dragon Transformation part 1 (revised) by clashmecha Dragon Transformation part 1 (revised) by clashmecha

My name is Virgil and this is my story.

I never felt as though I belonged anywhere. I always felt awkward and out of place, like there was something missing from me.

I spent so long trying to understand myself, but I still felt lost.
I continued my days as any eleven year old would but...

Little did I know that my life was about to take a sudden and violent step, toward the answers, I never knew I was looking for…all along…

Dragon Transformation

Part 1: Escape

“His body has fully accepted the Splicing, it’s working!” I was half asleep, my vision was blurred and I could hear voices around me.

“At last!” said an old voice, “His blood type has accepted the DNA extracted without any anomalies, now it is only a matter of waiting to see if the conversion is successful” I tried to move but couldn’t, something was holding me down.

“But sir this still might not work, and the master said he would tolerate no mistakes with this boy” my sight soon cleared and I raised my head to look around. I immediately found that I was strapped to a medical bed, I was wearing some kind of hospital clothing with the number seven on the arm of the shirt and I had various wires connected all over my body.
Above me hanging from the ceiling was a strange looking machine with a needle that I didn’t recognise and over at the other side of the room I saw two men in lab coats, they looked like doctors.
One was a young man with short blond hair and glasses, the other was a much older man, and he was bald with a grey goat beard and a scar on his left cheek.

They were both looking at a computer screen and hadn’t noticed that I was awake yet. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I had been kidnapped, but the how, the where and the why? These were questions I didn’t have the answers to.

“Our master is also is getting impatient, is there any way we can speed up the process?” asked the old man, the younger man looked deep in thought for a moment and then replied-

“As you are well aware...” the younger doctor began “Exposure to a small controlled burst of electricity would increase the speed of metabolic conversion, but we shouldn’t risk it. It could cause an unexpected mutation like the others. Which would undermine everything we’ve accomplished so far” the old man looked frustrated and bashed his hand down on the desk the computer was sitting on.

“Very well” the old man sighed, “we’ve done everything we can for now. Return him to his cell and keep a close eye on him” They both turned around to face me and I dropped my head back down and pretended to be asleep.

I didn’t understand exactly what they were talking about, but I knew it was me they were referring to.
I could hear footsteps approaching the bed and then someone began removing the wires from my body, I remained perfectly still as he did this.
After the wires were gone I cracked an eye open and could see that I was being rolled out of the room and into a corridor, a security guard appeared and accompanied us.
I was beginning to panic, I didn’t know what they wanted with me but I had to get out. Suddenly I felt a warm sensation in my muscles and I tensed slightly.

Just as we reached what looked to be my cell I strained against the leather straps holding me down and as if they were made of paper they snapped.
I didn’t have time to figure out how I managed to break my restraints. I immediately jumped off of the bed and tried to run for it, but the guard reacted faster then I expected and he bored down on me with a tazer.

“No don’t!” yelled the doctor, but it was too late, the guard poked it into my chest and I felt the shock and pain.

I dropped to the floor and felt dazed. I could hear the doctor yelling at the guard angrily as I lay there, but suddenly a hot burning sensation jolted in my spine.
I cried out painfully as the burning moved down my back, the doctor and the guard backed away cautiously as I felt something sprout from the bottom of my spine ripping through my trousers.
I saw to my astonishment that it was a tail, a blue reptilian tail with a kind of organic dark blue armour plating lining the top of it from the small of my back to nearly the tip of my new tail.

“What was happening to me, what had they done to me!?”

The pain suddenly vanished and I gasped for breath as if I had been running up hill.
I got angry at this point and without thinking I lunged at the guard.
I twisted his arm causing him to wale in pain and I grabbed the tazer from him.

I then punched him with all my strength and somehow I sent him colliding into the adjacent wall and instantly knocked him out.
I looked on in surprise at what I had just done and a feeling of invigoration nearly overwhelmed me.

I had somehow become really strong and knocking that guard down was like knocking over a plush toy.
The doctor, having watched all of this, tried to raise the alarm and ran for an emergency button on the wall. But before he could I quickly used the tazer I had taken from the guard and poked it into the man's back. He dropped to the ground paralysed and I dragged him and the unconscious guard into the cell meant for me.

Using pieces of their own clothing I tied them both up and gagged them. I then noticed a card key hanging from the guard’s shirt and took it. After that I quickly and quietly closed the cell door behind me and I ran.

I came to an elevator just a short ways down the corridor and noticed a card slot device attached to it.

I used the card key and I waited as the elevator descended to my floor but then I started to feel strange.
My arms and my head we’re aching and as the elevator doors opened I staggered in and fell to the floor.

I was changing again, my fingers merged and I was left with cloven hands and then my new fingers sprouted reptilian claws.
The skin on my arms began to change into the same blue scales that were on my new tail and I also grew a set of armour plating on my arms, spreading along my fingers and half way up may arm.
The scales replacing my skin went up my arm so far and then they stopped three quarters of the way up. Next I felt my head growing hot on both sides and then I felt two horns emerging from beneath my hair.
It felt like they were being pushed out of my skull like nails, but strangely the pain vanished at this point but the transformation had not yet ceased.
My new horns curved slightly as they grew out and then my ears began to tingle.

My ears changed shape and they were replaced with small fins with a light blue membrane.
While all this was happening I hadn't noticed that I had grown fangs as well and they were quite sharp. In fact I felt as though I could bite through a jaw-breaker.

My transformation ended with the blue scales covering the edges of my face and part of my chest.

I examined myself. What were these maniacs doing in this place to cause this kind of thing to happen?

But oddly, I didn’t feel upset or worried about my new form, in fact I felt sort of good about how I looked, I didn’t understand why.
It was at this point I felt the cold numb feeling in my feet, I had been wandering around with no shoes on and my feet were ice cold.
I sat down in the elevator and rubbed my feet, also being careful not to scratch myself with my new claws.

As I sat there I looked at the number on the elevator screen. I was, apparently four floors below ground level. I stood up again and I quickly closed the doors and hit the button to return to the surface.
I had to escape before I was discovered and captured again. But I was worried, I knew this transformation was not over and I knew it would happen again.
What was I turning into?

To be continued

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clash this is a really great story
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Future book?
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